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Hellman, Jordan Management Co. is a growth-oriented equity manager. The firm believes that owning shares of companies with strong earnings growth provides the greatest opportunities for capital appreciation. Hellman, Jordan invests in companies that exhibit high rates of earnings growth, favorable relative value, and strong technical patterns.

Investment Approach:

I. Focus on earnings and growth:

  • Ideas are generated internally: Developing concepts, ranking companies based on prospective growth profiles, tracking new high lists, attending conferences and meeting with companies.

  • Extensive internal analysis: Earnings & sales growth momentum, percent earnings and sales surprise, momentum versus peers, earnings leverage potential.

II. Thematic Investing:

  • HJMC uses a top down approach to identify 3-5 main growth themes, industry groups, or sectors that the firm feels will respond best to emerging economic trends. Within those themes, HJMC then uses a bottom up process to identify the best of breed growth stocks within each group.

III. Concentration:

  • The firm utilizes concentrated stock positions of 25-50 names to maximize the opportunity within each theme, sector, or idea. This thematic and concentrated style allows the firm to capitalize on its intellectual flexibility and maximize performance within the portfolios.

IV. Unconstrained/Opportunistic:

  • The size and style of Hellman, Jordan allows the firm to be highly flexible, enabling rapid response to change in economic and market conditions. Taking an opportunistic and unconstrained approach to finding positive growth trends enables the firm to capitalize on many different growth opportunities that many stylistic growth manager can't.

V. HJMC Strengths:

  • Experienced Management Team

  • Ability to thrive in different investment environments and periods

  • Focused, flexible & opportunistic portfolios

  • Disciplined capital preservation strategies

  • Strong client relationships

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